Boeing To Supply Iran With Passenger Planes

Reports have emerged that Iran has reached a deal with Boeing (NYSE:BA) to buy passenger planes to replace its aging civilian air fleet. The announcement reveals that IranAir would acquire more than 100 Boeing jets under the multi-billion-dollar deal. According to Iran’s minister of roads and urban development, Abbas Akhoundi, the details of the deal will be announced in the next few days.

According to sources, the two sides have formulated the broad outline for the deal and the aircraft that would be included. Financing arrangements are not complete, but the agreement will likely cover deliveries and services for about a decade at a cost of more than $17 billion. Akhundi said that Iran hoped to become a major hub in the Middle East.

If approved, the deal would be the largest commercial agreement between a U.S. company and Iran since some sanctions were lifted six months. It would also be the first time that new American aircraft would fly over Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. Any agreements reached will be contingent on U.S. government approval.

Because of the sanctions levied against Iran, Iran Air, the country’s national airline has been unable to expand its service and update its fleet. According to, the average age of Iran Air’s current fleet of nearly 50 airplanes is 27 years. Iran is seeking to replace about 400 planes to modernize its fleet

Last July, Iran signed an agreement with the Obama administration and five other world powers to halt its development of nuclear weapons in exchange for a lifting of the economic sanctions that have hobbled the country’s economy over the past few decades. The administration previously gave Boeing the OK to negotiate with Iran on such a this type of sale. Boeing held an early round of talks with Iranian airline officials during a visit to Iran in April.

However, numerous obstacles remain to the agreement. Boeing still needs approval and a license from the Treasury Department. The anti-American sentiment in Iran and election-year politics in the United States could scuttle the deal. Republican lawmakers who opposed the agreement with Iran could oppose the transaction. Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, may also oppose the deal with Boeing.

The Boeing deal is the second major deal for airplanes made by the Iran this year. Several months ago, a deal was signed with European consortium aircraft manufacturer Airbus for 73 wide-body planes and 45 single-aisle planes for commercial use. Media reports have said that deal is worth about $27 billion.


2 Responses

  1. Iranians should take a pass on the Boeing deal and order all of their planes from Airbus. Airbus actually inspects their planes before delivery unlike Boeing. Because of this, Boeing defrauds all of their customers by charging customers for fully inspected and safe
    airplanes, but illegally not performing a large part of the inspections
    required and consequently delivering defect riddled airplanes to customers just
    to illegally pad Boeing’s bottom line.

    Many Americans are Islamophobic, but real Americans should have compassion for Iranians who want peace with America and should not want them to die on defective Boeing planes as at least 750 people have. It may feel good for American Islamophobes to defraud Iranians they hate with this full price deal for defective Boeing
    airplanes, but most compassionate Americans don’y feel that way. Plus perchance
    if Trump is elected Iran will have to cancel this order anyway. The downsides
    for Iranians in naively trusting the Boeing sales team that is trying to thusly
    defraud them with this deal are much too many.

  2. yubin says:

    youre a moron
    Islam is bad but its not as bad as the lamestream media thats controlled makes it overblown as always and Iran is 6500 miles away
    What are they gonna do load up 200 planes with extremists and terrorize countries??
    Militaries across the world would not let that happen first of all
    The Boeing and Airbus deals make jobs and put more money that was already stolen by those in the corruption into the economy

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