China’s premier and the leader of New Zealand meet amid 5G dispute

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang encouraged New Zealand to offer a more”fair, transparent, convenient” investment environment in a meeting Monday with the country’s prime minister, Jacinda Ardern, which comes amid a dispute over usage of Chinese telecoms gear.

Relations between both countries have been strained since New Zealand at November stopped phone company Spark from using Huawei equipment in its 5G upgrade because of safety concerns.

In opening comments in their meeting in Beijing, Huawei was not mentioned by Li but said China desired relations that would serve the interests of both businesses on each side.

“And we hope that… when each side’s companies invest in one another’s companies, they could delight in a fair, transparent, suitable surroundings,” Li explained.

Investment issues were not addressed by ardern inside her opening remarks, but thanked Li for expressing the condolences of China over the shootings at mosques in the town of Christchurch. Her trip was cut back to one day following the March 15 shootings that killed 50 people.

Ardern said she still wanted to”visit Beijing at this time to reevaluate the importance that we place on our relationship with China. It is one of our very important and far reaching associations, a point I have made in my public addresses over the past year.”

The 2 leaders oversee the signing of agreements on avoiding dual taxation, agriculture, financial dialogue and science and study.

“We will continue to enrich the meaning of China-New Zealand comprehensive strategic partnerships, push forward the connection between the two nations even farther, and also better serve those of China and also New Zealand,” Xi said.

The cordial tone comes after months of tensions between both sides, throughout which exchanges and visits were delayed or postponed.

The decision by New Zealand’s spy agency that Huawei’s gear posed a”major network security risk” sparked deep indignation at China, in which the provider is thought to be a national champion.

New Zealand has been captured in the fray as the U.S. warns allies against partnering with Huawei over domestic security issues. The Nation is part of the”Five Eyes” security alliance along with the U.S., Britain, Canada and Australia.

Condemnations were brought by the move of the agency from China’s state media and indications of economic retaliation. China is a key customer for its own dairy and other agricultural products. New Zealand’s government says commerce between the sides because a free trade arrangement between the sides came to force in 30, over tripled in the 10 years.

China is a key source of both tourists and foreign students, as well as New Zealand’s largest trading partner, with $19 billion in trade between them annually.

Ardern stated that no decision has been made on whether Huawei equipment can be utilised from the nation’s slated 5G system.

If she planned to do 32, although it wasn’t clear, human Rights Watch had called to raise concerns about documented authorities abuses of Muslims throughout her visit. The team stated Ardern”spoke forcefully in defense of Muslims’ rights” after the Christchurch attacks and should do this again in Beijing.


This story has been corrected to prove that the China-New Zealand free trade arrangement started in 2008.


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