Meet The Team

Carolyn Dwyer – Contributor ([email protected])

From high school on, Carolyn knew without doubt that she wanted to be an entrepreneur. She was always interested in the next best thing and eager to achieve success. Fortunately, she was able to start a company right out of college, which is still going strong. However, about 15 years ago, she recognized that people wanted to know about current business events, which prompted her to start writing.

Even though her college degree is in business instead of writing, she has used her business knowledge to create blogs, articles, and other publications that reach a broad audience. She personally feels that as people gain insight into business through solid content, they have the incredible opportunity of starting or growing their own company.

Jared Coughlin – Contributor ([email protected])

Along with entertainment, sports, and technology, content pertaining to business-related matters is in high demand. As the economy continues to strengthen, an increasing number of people are branching out within the business sector. Whether an entrepreneur or established executive, success comes from knowledge. As a professional author, Jared enjoys the ability to share vital information that can take business owners to the next level.

Business writing has been a 25-year passion of Jared’s but he also has unconditional love for his spouse of 20 years and two daughters, aged 15 and 18. Living in the heart of a big city, they are always on the go as a family. Their favorite pastimes include sporting events, theater, and concerts.

Eileen French – Contributor ([email protected]

After earning her bachelor’s degree in business, Eileen went to work for a top oil company. At first, she enjoyed going to work every day but as time passed, she felt that perhaps she had a different calling. Still interested in business, she considered ways to expound on that, which ultimately came in the form of writing. Going back to college to earn a bachelor’s degree in creative writing, Eileen left the oil company to pursue a full-time career as a published author.

Eileen will be forever grateful for her initial career that exposed her to the world of business. However, writing has given her an amazing opportunity of covering not just the oil industry, but all types of businesses. Having been widowed for the past eight years, she takes a lot of road trips for sightseeing but also for business exploration.

Trent Williams – Contributor ([email protected])

Throughout high school, Trent’s journal went everywhere with him. He loved capturing emotions, ideas, concepts, and goals, thereby prompting his friends to tease that one day he would be a famous writer. While Trent can’t say that he is famous, he is in fact a professional writer with a successful business. For several years, he focused on more generic topics but after being hired to create a piece about a new real estate venture, he was completely drawn into anything that had to do with business.

Trent spent roughly five years honing his business writing, which became a genuine passion. Along with writing and editing for his own publishing company, he is often asked by outside organizations to write business content. Although he works long hours, there is always time for his wonderful husband.

Cynthia Vaughn – Contributor ([email protected])

The way that Cynthia started writing about business was odd. After earning a bachelor’s degree in writing, she focused on creating content primarily for travel and home improvement. However, she was hired to write a book about trout fishing and while doing so became fascinated with the companies that manufacture the tools, supplies, equipment, and gear that anglers use.

Once that book was finished, Cynthia realized that the business end of products, services, and even experiences was far more interesting to her. With that, she changed the direction of her writing. Although she and her husband have always had a strong marriage, with him being a top executive for a large bank, they now share a love of business that has brought a new dynamic to their lives. Cynthia continues to dabble in the initial topics but for the most part, her writing deals with business-related subjects.