Twitter Announces Online Vine Archive

Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) has launched an online archive of Vine videos containing all the posts made from 2013 through 2016. The company is launching the archive on the old Vine website at Twitter said “the Vine archive is a time capsule” in a blog post announcing the new site. The company wanted to ensure that the content created in Vine would not be lost.

The move allows the site’s timeless memes to live on in the digital world. Some metadata for the videos has been preserved, including the creator’s username, the original posting date, the title, and the number of likes received. The archive will organize the videos by genre like Vine’s video social network did.

The archive’s home page allows access to curated content from a particular year or channel, as well as editors’ picks. The site also contains a useful index page to help users navigate the millions of archived video loops. Users can also view a “Community section” that highlights some of the creators’ best work.

Former users can no longer download videos to the site. However, the site does allow you to share Vines on other social media and across the web using their unique URLs. Although existing users can login, profile information can no longer be altered. Previous users who do not wish to be part of the archive must sign in to the website and manually delete their account.

The company announced last fall that it would shut down the popular video-sharing community site and its mobile applications as part of restructuring efforts. Some of the now-defunct app’s biggest users have become social media stars, including King Bach, Lele Pons, and Nash Grier. However, Vine was facing increased competition from Snap and dwindling monthly users. Just days ago, Twitter went through with its plan to shut down Vine.

Twitter said Vine’s app would transition to a Vine Camera app, which rolled out this week. The standalone camera app lets users capture six-second looping videos for their own edification. The company also offers tools to export videos, both online and the app.